Track the quality and performance of all your providers in the service delivery chain.


See how your service providers perform and identify possible improvements.


Collaborate easily with your internal and external service providers in one platform.


Easily exchange your service providers without the need to change your operating model.


The IT factory is a thing of the past

Modern service organisations do not provide all services to their customers themselves. They outsource the delivery of services to internal and external service providers for optimal functionality, quality or costs. But how do you stay in control? How do you coordinate the service and support from various suppliers and become an effective service broker.

4me helps you to ensure the controlled delivery of end-to-end services to your customers.

Other features you need to know about

SLA Performance

Monitor the performance of every supplier involved in delevering your end-to-end services. Quickly identify performance bottlenecks.


Dealing with multiple timezones, working hours and holidays can be a huge challenge. 4me makes sure all targets are calculated and displayed  correctly in your local time zone while adhering to these conditions.

Enterprise class CMDB

Create complete Service Delivery Chains from business services down to the supporting CI’s so you know what is involved with delivering end-to-end services.

Time tracking

Track time on requests, tasks and problems to get insight on the effort and costs for running and improving your services.

Data segregation

Collaborate without the risk of sharing too much information. 4me ensures that only relevant data is shared between collaborating parties. You are always in control of who can access your data.

Reports & dashboards

Create your own dashboards using the 250+ out-of-the-box reports. Create your own filters to fine-tune your data and share the result with your colleagues or external customers or suppliers.

Unique feature >>

Aggregated SLA reports

Measure the quality and performance of all providers in your service delivery chain. Identify bottlenecks with aggregated reporting per supplier and drill down into the details when necessary.

Tech sheet 4me

All functionalities and technical specifications of 4me in one document. Handy!

Make a difference

Weekly updates

New features are released on a weekly basis. There is never downtime involved and new features are non-intrusive. Before the actual release any update can be evaluated and tested in a QA enviroment.

Real pay-as-you-go

Only pay monthly for the number of agents that have access to the application. Easily scale up or down each month without long-term obligations.

Proactive information

Use artifical intelligence to proactively provide the right information at the right time. Minimize the administration effort and make your support staff more efficient and productive.

Ease of use

Get up to speed within minutes. The inituitive features of 4me are easy to learn and do not require extensive classroom training. For the more advances features, role based e-learning are available for free.

Best practice

Don’t reinvent the wheel. No need to configure or customize your own processes. Just define your services, upload your master data and get to work.

Built for speed

A key driver for joyfully using an application is performance. The response time of any transaction in 4me will always be below 0.5 second. Worldwide, guaranteed.

Pay-as-you-go explained

Traditional licensing models force you to buy licenses based on a ‘worst case’ scenario: the maximum number of users you expect to be logged in at any time. Downscaling is not possible in most cases. With 4me you pay one monthly subscription for every specialist that has access to 4me. You can easily administrate who has access at any time. Scale up or down at any time without long term obligations. Only pay for what you use. 

Sometimes, predictable is a good thing

We all like surprises, but probably not during an implementation project. We have implemented service management applications for over 20 years so we know what to expect. Our best-practice implementation approach takes out the guesswork. Clear deliverables and a solid project structure ensures we deliver on time and within budget.


4me as the hub between service providers

Guided by InfraVision in their search to replace HP Overview Service Desk, Canon Europe choose the combination of 4me as the preferred solution and InfraVision as their implementation partner. Both application management and infrastructure management are completely outsourced to service providers. Both involved providers used their own ITSM system so integrations between these systems were required. The main requirements were clear reporting on the performance of the providers and a consistent way of working for the Canon support employees.

“The unique account structure of 4me was a great time saver for the development of the integrations. Data segregation and SLA reporting are provided out of the box. We completely outsourced the development, maintenance and support to InfraVision and 4me. This enables us to completely focus on our day-to-day operations.”