GKN Aerospace is using 4me for IT Support

by | Sep 4, 2020

This week GKN Aerospace went successfully live with 4me to support their UK colleagues for all IT related matters. It’s nice to see that this first phase of the rollout went smoothly, despite the fact the project team was not able to meet in person during this project due to Covid-19.

In this first step to a global rollout, we implemented the first version of a global service catalog, Incident & Request Management, Configuration Management and Knowledge Management.

“First step of a global rollout”

We will now continue to rollout 4me within all other sites/countries.

A great thanks to the team of GKN Aerospace for making this a success while working remotely.

Update: In the US, both IT and HR went live as well, supporting an additional 2000 end users.

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