4me Connect 2020

by | Feb 18, 2020

The annual 4me Connect conference is scheduled for 25, 26 and 27 May. Three days of learning and networking. Your chance to meet the key players in the 4me community!

Save the date and contact us for discounted entry tickets. The exact program will follow as soon as it is published.

Update: the agenda can be viewed here: Agenda 



Day 1 will the dedicated to ITIL 4 Bridge Training. A unique opportunity to get trained in ITIL 4.

 Day 2 will be jam-packet with training sessions on various 4me related topics like service catalogue design, SIAM setup, Automation Rules, UI Extensions, Project Management and much much more.

 Day 3 will be the actual conference with various keys notes from renowned speakers.

“Learn, connect and meet all the key players”

So save the date and contact us for tickets. Hope to see you there!

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